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The idea for JED’s American Bistro first came about when founder Jed Root began welcoming friends and family to his home, “The Castle,” in the Catskills region of Upstate New York. Hosting extravagant dinner parties with food made from only the freshest local ingredients, Jed’s dinners began to attract celebrities from all over the world, and now, with JED’s American Bistro, he is bringing this acclaimed experience to Tokyo.

Upstate New York is a beautiful natural wonder composed of green mountains, winding rivers, and the splendor of all four seasons. This charming natural paradise boasts a diverse cultural and art scene, an oasis of calm and tranquility just a short drive from Manhattan. In his castle home, Jed Root has created a beautiful getaway reminiscent of turn-of-the-century New York City, adorning The Castle with his favorite art pieces, growing a lush garden, and filling his home with things he loves.

The fresh air and clean water of The Catskills, as well as the proximity to numerous farms and artisanal food producers, mean Jed Root uses only the freshest ingredients when serving his guests, and now, JED’s American Bistro is bringing this standard of quality to Japan.

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JED’s American Bistro prides itself on three key elements: food, atmosphere, and service.

The cuisine at JED’s is primarily based on the regional cuisine of the American South, where Jed Root spent his childhood, but our original recipes also take inspiration from cuisines all over the United States, which in turn draw inspiration from diverse cuisines around the world. The menu at JED’s is designed so that guests feel as though they are sharing a variety of dishes with their family and friends.

From our signature Faux Fried Chicken and Perfect Roasted Chicken, seasoned with garlic & rosemary or lemon & thyme, to our Smothered Okra and Crab Cakes, our menu encapsulates American Home Cooking that is “elevate”, but never pretentious. The Mixed Berry Crumble, our star dessert, is also a fan favorite. The fruit featured in the crumble changes with the seasons to ensure our guests experience the freshness and quality that Jed’s dishes are known for.

The atmosphere of JED’s American Bistro, like Jed’s home “The Castle”, is reminiscent of turn-of-the-century New York and is marked with the charms of diverse cultures, helping visitors feel as though they are experiencing the delights of the world.

At JED’s, we pride ourselves on our warm and friendly service. When you arrive at JED’s, we welcome you as though you were stepping into The Castle itself, paying attention to every detail to ensure your utmost comfort. We hope that every customer leaves satisfied and having experienced the hospitality JED’s is known for.

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Jed Root moved to the southern states of America in the 70s, where he first found his inspiration for his American bistro concept. Jed spent three decades in Manhattan, where he established the fashion industry’s top creative agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Manila. Jed has also made a name for himself in the film industry, producing films with stars such as Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern, Courtney Love, and Riley Keough. Eventually, Jed moved to “The Castle,” a retreat nestled among the natural beauty of the Catskills region of Upstate New York. What started as a weekend house in 2001 gradually transformed into a sanctuary where Jed fostered his passion for cooking and gardening. JED’s American Bistro was born out of a tradition of Southern hospitality, as night after night, Jed entertained friends and family at The Castle with his home-cooked meals. Soon, his exclusive gatherings began attracting many international celebrities. He has also hosted numerous private dinners for friends and celebrities in the English countryside.
Jed feels that cooking and entertaining are a bit like magic, mix the right ingredients, add some heat, serve it in the right atmosphere and you can give people an emotional experience to share. That’s what JED’s American Bistro strives to do.